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In February 2003, Omega Ministries of MS was organized by Pastor Jeff Weathersby. This ministry’s purpose was to share God’s word with people, who did not know God, who had rejected God, and those who had a sincere desire to know God better. Omega Ministries of MS held its first Conference entitled Pillow Talk at Oakridge Missionary Baptist Church in New Hebron, Mississippi. The guest speaker was Evangelist Sheila Jones of Indianapolis, Indiana. Pillow Talk was such a success that it led to numerous conferences where God allowed the man of God to prepare many topics to feed the people of God. Pastor Weathersby kept praying and God kept answering his call for the vision of Omega Ministries. The Pastor began a prison ministry that ministered at Parchman in Sunflower County, Raymond Detention Center, and Rankin County Men and Women Prisons. Spiritual freedom, love and forgiveness was being taught to these men and women through the prison bars.

In May 2004, Omega Ministries of MS was incorporated by the state of Mississippi. During this time Pastor Weathersby continued to follow the vision God had given him for the ministry. This led to other conferences. In June 2005, Pastor Weathersby was invited to teach a weekend marriage retreat. There were five couples in attendance. This retreat led to home based bible studies in Raymond and Madison Mississippi. The bible studies continued until after being led by the Spirit of God, a church setting was formed under Omega Ministries of MS.

On the second Sunday in January 2007, God allowed us to walk out in faith. Since that day forth we have been following the direction of God and trusting in his word. Many souls have been converted, commitments renewed and God has proven to be Faithful to His word.

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